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Tilt 365 Framework Certification

ICF Credits Available

Our certification bundles our certifications and allows you to get certified in 3 different tools!

1. True Tilt Personality Profile Get started with a certification that gives you the tools to teach an easy-to-use process for developing greater balance and agility to your clients. Explore the four True Tilt patterns, including why we do what we do.

2. Positive Influence Predictor Certification After the True Tilt Personality Profile, learn what drives most interpersonal conflict and how developing greater positive influence can help your clients improve personal and professional relationships.

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3. Team Agility Predictor Certification Finally, finish off your certification path by discovering the balance between polarities that is necessary for ongoing team agility and how to help team members back into flow. Uncover the unconscious habits among team members and between teams and their leaders that may be keeping the team from reaching its true potential. Learn how to develop a customized plan to keep the team focused on what to start, stop, and keep doing for high-performance and agility.

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Laser Coaching Certification

ICF Credits Available

1. Laser Coaching for leaders MASTERCLASS Level up your coaching skills and help clients or leaders solve their own problems by learning the laser-focused coaching method. Breakthrough results happen when you stay out of the story and coach the person’s mindset and thinking instead of solving the problem for them. Learn the coaching issues and derailers of the four Tilting patterns so you can coach with precision.

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What's your Tilt?

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Help your clients show up agile

Clients seek your help for many reasons, but it’s safe to say that they aren’t satisfied with their current situation in some way. As part of seeking help, most clients have completed some kind of personality or style assessment, and sometimes it has helped them in the short term. However, we’re intent on breaking the “type” paradigm and taking the long view. Our research shows that everyone has the potential to develop a well-rounded set of patterns exhibiting whole-person character-strength. Our shorthand is, “You’re not a type, you can Tilt to context.” This means that we can develop the agility to adapt how we “show up” in relation to context very quickly. This agility helps us become the best version of ourselves and live more engaged, meaningful, and fulfilled personal and professional lives. When clients experience this for the first time, they want more.

Tilt tools are unlike any other personality or style assessment and go way beyond them with specific actionable growth plans. Tilt 365 includes not only individual and team assessments, but also clear development paths and ongoing support. The framework and approach are so easy to remember and apply that clients see results fast, so they’re motivated to keep growing. Once you’re certified, you can join our list of Practitioners and be eligible to be featured on our website for referral business. Master Agility Practitioner badges are also available for those eligible in our Affiliate Partner Community.

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Get certified to help the best teams get even better. Grow your own self-awareness as you learn how to use Tilt with clients. Work with one individual, an entire team, or implement the suite of tools and workshops to build great company-wide culture.

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