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  • How much do you really know about happiness?
  • What is happiness?
  • What makes you happy?
  • How to be happier
  • Simple happiness exercises
  • Is happiness the right goal?

  • Does happiness matter at work?
  • Why should employees care?
  • Why should employers care?
  • Should workers always be happy?
  • How can people be happy at work?
  • What can employees do to increase their happiness?
  • What can employers do to encourage happiness?
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It seems like everyone is focused on trying to find ways to be happy. It is even written inthe United States Declaration of Independence that people have a right to the pursuit ofhappiness. Looking for happiness is ingrained deeply in our culture as an essential goal, but do people actually know what they are looking for or how to find it?

If you asked people if they want to be happy, most would probably say yes. But if youasked if they knew how to be happy, the answers you’d get would likely be things thatdon’t actually lead to happiness. People want to be happy but are usually very bad atpredicting what can make them happy long term. If you went on to ask people what would make them happy at work, you’d likely get the same types of inaccurate answers, and you may even get people who don’t think it is important to be happy a work.

How much do you really know about happiness?

How can people be happy at work?

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