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What's Included

  • What are mindsets
  • Why should I care about mindsets?
  • How is a fixed mindset different from a growth mindset?
  • How do mindsets help me reach my goals?
  • What are the different types of goals?
  • What are strategies for reaching your goals?

  • How do I track my progress toward my goals
  • What if I keep a rigid mindset
  • What if I can’t keep on track with my goals?
  • What if my organization isn’t supporting growth mindsets?
  • What if others around me have fixed mindsets and I have a growth mindset?
  • Introduction to Tilt mindsets?
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What are mindsets and why do they matter?

Many people are aware that mindsets can influence outcomes like academic achievement, job performance, and mental health, but cultivating a growth mindset is only the first step. The key to successfully leveraging a growth mindset is knowing how to use it.

Mindsets are fundamental assumptions that people use to understand and interact with the world. At Tilt, we discuss six mindsets that vary from more rigid or closed to more flexible and open: protective, competitive, integrative, adaptive, agile, and generative.

How to Leverage a Growth Mindset

What are the Tilt Mindsets?

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